About Us

Soch Sandooq Productions is a Pakistan based film and video production company. We are one stop shop for media creation. Our TEAM takes an idea for a commercial, branded video or film and converts it into vivid reality.


Our company offers a full array of digital film, animation production and photography services including concept, script writing, story boarding, special effects, filming, shooting, and post production.  We specialize in commercials & branded content, short film production, full length documentaries, music video production, fashion films, digital portfolios, business portfolios and various other forms of media content.


We are a team inspired by Vision, driven by Mission and passionate about our Values.


Soch Sandooq aspires to be a state of the art film and animation production company. A leader towards a sustainable and diverse audio visual industry.


Entertain, and evolve through visual art.


Our values comprised of the four words Honesty, Passion, Professionalism and Diversity.

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